Change password at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

On this web page you can change the password that, among other things, is used for reading e-mail at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

Please note that your password is personal and must never be shared with anyone else, not even the IT staff at NIH/NSSS.

Change password:

  1. Type your username.
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  5. Press the Change button and wait for confirmation.

Password requirements:

After changing your password, it may take a while until it is synchronized with all IT systems. We recommend changing your password at the end of the day.

You have to change your password at least once a year, preferably more often. A password change reminder will be sent to your e-mail if not changed in a period of one year. If you fail to change your password in one month after this reminder, your account will be disabled. If an account has stayed disabled for one year, it will be automatically deleted.

For security reasons all information sent from this page will be encrypted.

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